by Murabess

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released December 8, 2015

All music written and performed by Aubrey Kuhn
Recorded and mixed by Dustin Reinink at The Parlor
Album art by Josh Stephens



all rights reserved


Murabess Richmond, Virginia

Aubrey Kuhn's solo project

just songs I write in my bedroom about people that make me sad

Richmond, VA

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Track Name: Wanna watch a movie or something?
tell me that you don't mind
if I keep on asking you questions all night
but if I'm speaking honestly
I kinda wish the only question you ask me
wasn't you asking to explore my body.
yeah, i guess that's fine by me.

please keep picking on me
pick away the rotten parts that I don't need
the ones my eyes are too clouded to see
yeah, i guess that's fine by me.

i never feel much like kissing anymore
but it's the only way I can get you to open your door
mouths dry and backs sweaty
you stare away silently
i ask what's on your mind
you say it's nothing
and I ask if you'd like me to leave.
Track Name: Can you turn the fan on?
I'd like to escape with you
up to your poorly lit bedroom
where we'd crawl under covers
when the radiator's too high
just so we'd have an excuse
to take off our clothes

One day I will find the words
to let you know that I adore you
but for now I lay here in silence
and let my fingers explore you
you don't know you're beautiful
and I won't waste my breath

You've got me so vulnerable
pathetically weak in the knees
so my balance is too thrown off
to ever be alone
I don't know I'm beautiful
and you won't waste your breath
Track Name: What time are you working?
What does it mean to sleep all day alone
The answer gives me chills down to the bone
What do you mean when you say I'm acting strange
And if I could, I would ask you the same

What reason do I have to be so depressed
if you're always there to clean up the mess
Will I ever learn to love myself again
Don't worry I will love myself to death

Don't worry I will love myself to death
I promise I will love myself to death

My memory has only served me wrong
I will forget the words to my own song
What good comes out of telling you the truth
This flaw is just a symptom of my youth

If I knew how to become what you need
You wouldn't stay up all night while I dream
I'd rather not to open up my eyes
So I can keep my demons locked up inside

Don't worry I will love myself to death
I promise I will love myself to death
Track Name: Do you need a ride?
If I were to add up
each second that I've spent worrying
I'd be left with just this number
and this brain that won't stop turning

You look at me
like the albums hung on your wall
that you used to cry to
until you'd played them
one too many times
and the needle scratched off
the parts you really liked

It's a shame I have to ask
just to feel your mouth on mine
I'm yearning for the days
when you would fill me up inside

No it's fine.
I swear, I don't mind.